Posted by: Jim McLellan | May 7, 2012

The Penny is GONE! Don’t worry we have lots of $16.00 Orange Juice

Do we change the lyrics to “Nickels from Heaven”


So on Friday Canada minted the last penny.  Cost savings will be around 11,000,000,00 penny’s  or if you’re international Development Minister Bev Oda  687,500 glasses of orange juice. 

11 million dollars a year is certainly nothing to sneeze at but why?   But in a budget that is this year 276.1 billon that is 0.003984064% of this year’s budget?  How dumb does this government think Canadians are?  Hmmm lets look at some other reasons.

Perhaps to distract from us from some other issues, like the 9 billion dollar difference in the cost of the F35’s.  It does matter why the discrepancy what matters is they were not honest with our money.

What other funding cuts are happening and what is being pushed forward?  

Cutting Katimavik?  It is a well accepted fact that $1.00 spent on education and schools will save the government $9.00 in prison fees.  And in 5 years our prisons cost have almost doubled, going from 1.6 billon to 2.98 billion… Or maybe its as simple as Bev Oda’s orange juice is going up in cost….. 

What can you expect though when only 61% of Canadian voted?  We can not complain if we don’t vote.  I am not saying any party is better, but if you don’t help make the choice I guarantee all parties will just be more unaccountable. 


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