Posted by: Jim McLellan | June 8, 2012

Its Back Euro 2012!

Euro it’s here!


It’s my second favorite soccer tournament. Even though I think the Euro is better Football (soccer for most Canadian’s) nothing beats the pageantry of the World Cup. 


So what to expect this year?  Well, don’t expect lighting to strike twice like it did when Greece beat Portugal.  Co-host nation Poland may get out of the first stage but not any further and the Ukraine will be lucky to score more than 2 goals.  Of course the only bet you should make is not if the French will self-destruct but when they will.


This year we have two intriguing groups.  We have the group of Death consisting of: Netherlands





Not much is expected of Portugal and Denmark but don’t be surprised if Denmark finds a way through. That is after the other three beat the heck out of each other.


Then we have the group of Debt:






I don’t see how Spain will advance, without some goals from Torres, but even I can score with the quality of balls sent through by Xavi Hernandez


And then you can never count out England, unless of course you’re English…. How about his headline?   No other nation  can be so optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. My Scottish blood makes it hard for me to cheer for the 3 Lions but my Canadian side enjoys being part of the Common Wealth.


The Germans are my pick to go through to the final.  I used to loath the defensive style they once used, but love the “hair on fire” and play with style that Joachim “Jogi” Löw has them playing now.


I am not sure who will win, but I guarantee it will be filled with drama, tears, highlight filled goals, and too many diving Italians.  But most of all it will fun.


Enjoy this YouTube clip of some of the world’s best having fun!


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