Posted by: Jim McLellan | March 14, 2013

Why are your proposals hanging around?

I see and hear the same objection everyday…. “yes leave it with me, I have not decided yet”

Spoiler alert! This is not an objection! Surprising I know, but more surprising is how often good sales people accept this.  We are so afraid to hear NO we refuse to Listen and hear this for what it is.  A polite NO.  Good sales people will go back and back and then fall back on the “I don’t want to bother them, I’ll just let them make that decision” line.  

Great sales people force the issue.  Ask why they are still thinking about it?  Follow up with did the proposal answer all your questions?  Find the real objection FORCE an answer.  Your presentation was not powerful enough to evoke a yes.  So now you must ask for a decision.  

Go ahead and be a aggressive, they clearly aren’t buying anyway.  At the very minimum force a yes or no.  A no is a great answer, now find the real objection and deal with that.  Or cross it off your “to do” list and move on to the next client.  



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